Today’s Progress


Today has been pretty productive. I’m managed to piece together the chopped scenes of my novel “A Woman’s Revenge”. I’m happy to say it’s really starting to take shape. There will be a lot that I will have to edit out, I’m still trying to determine which publishing house to submit to so word count isn’t final, but there are a lot of weak scenes, passive voice and overuse of adjectives. I’m trying my best not to over-react to the presence of these right now.

I have to learn how to write without thinking. All of that can be eliminated once I do revisions. But my brain seems to want to lock down until I have the perfect sentence. The result: many days with around 500 words. Days when I shut the editor up, like today: 181. Okay, so that doesn’t seem like a lot but it’s pretty good since I’ve only been writing sporadically. But yesterday, I managed almost two thousand words! Much better.

As for other areas of my day,  I’ve managed to get into contact with a potential author’s assistant. Might have one more month booked up before long. I’ve been reading “On the Edge” by Ilona Andrews. I conduct an interview with the author at the end of this month. I guess I’d better get to doing some research soon and have some questions ready to forward to the writer.

I’ve also linked more of my sites together and have done some networking. Overall, a nice productive day. Hope to really get some more writing down later.