Claiming Their Mate Review


“Claiming Their Mate” is a fast actioned book about a group of shifters who kidnap one of the three Demori sisters, shifters of pure blood, and highly sought after. That’s as far as their plan goes. Once the four shifters get her alone, the problem arises as to which male gets to claim her. Carna puts up a great fight when Blue, a panther shifter, and Marcus, a tiger shifter, kidnap her from her current hideout. Once they drag her to their camp, three more shifters surround her.

Carna refuses to give in to their expectations to mate with her. She won’t mate without love. As the men argue over who gets to mate her, she convinces Marcus to let her go. He gives in when he realizes not one of them had considered how she felt about being an object, sought after because of her blood line. Blue and Austin, a wolf shifter, disappear into the woods under the full moon to track her. They find her easliy enough but that’s not the end of the battle. Hunters force them to take cover in a secluded cave where Carna gives in to her raging hormones.

She surprises both males when she has sex with both men at once. The shock goes further when she responds that she isn’t a virgin, nor has she ever been marked. As they consummate in the cave, Carna must fight the instinct to mark her current lovers. Just at sun break, Carna disappears into the woods. She’s captured by hunters while in her wolf form, and rescued by Jacob, the bear shifter. He explains to Carna that the reason so many males are eager to mate with her is that without her pure blood, the shifter races would cease to exist.

Jacob tells Carna that in the beginning, he’d only wanted her for her blood. Now, he knows they are destined to mate. He asks her to let him show her how good he can treat her. She gives in and he takes her back to the city, where he’s a bouncer in a busy club.

Possession takes over when another female hits on Jacob and she marks him on a whim. Jacob mates with her, then bites her. Suddenly, Carna knows his true feelings. She realizes he’s sincere about his reasons to be with her. Carna starts to wonder if she’s meant to be with Austin and Blue too. Marcus appears at the club and tries to convince Carna to take him as a mate as well. He knows that a woman of her royal blood would never be satisfied with just one mate. While they’re talking, Blue and Austin show up, and prepare to fight Jacob. Carna intervenes.

Before she knows what’s happening, all four men seduce her. She marks each of them and the men willingly share her body. In the end, Carna gets kidnapped by two men. Her mates track her down, only to discover that the two shifters had been following Carna’s mother’s orders. Carna refuses to leave with them. She wants to stay with her mates. She begs the men to scare the shifters away so that her sister can be set free again, rather than return home to mate with males of her mother’s choosing.

The sister disappears. Carna is happy that she’s safe but disappointed that she had such little time with her. But she hopes that soon the woman will find her mates and they will be reunited.

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