Review of A Questionable Hero


“A Questionable Hero” was an interesting read. There was a bit more telling than I prefer and the dialogue was a bit awkward for me, though this could be due to the fact that I’m from the South and often use contractions in every sentence. Despite these two issues, the story line was well plotted. I loved getting to know Abdamas, a strong and honorable demon, stuck in a life not of his choosing due to a twisted hand of Fate. Shaebiel is a woman who takes what she wants, regardless of whether it could be considered wise.

Neither person knows that their union had been preordained many years before. When Shaebiel’s life becomes threatened by Abdamas’ demon father, he turns on his own kind to save her. What he gets in return is redemption. He gets a chance to expel the evil in him and embrace the good. Just shortly after getting a second chance, Abdamas’ father comes after them again, this time with backup.

Seeing no other way out, Abdamas offers to go back to Hell, if only Shaebiel is left alone. His father kills him and he dies knowing that the only woman he’d ever loved would finally get to ascend to Heaven. He wakes up, and learns that instead of being sentenced to life as a demon, he’s now become a full angel warrior. His selfless behavior granted him a marriage and partnership with Shaebiel, controlling a new army of angel warriors. Their mission: to save half demons like Abdamas, and give them the chance to get redemption.

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