Review of Birthday Party Surprise


This was a very erotic read. It’s not for women who are against group sex or male/male sex scenes, as the scenes were very graphic. The bottom line is a great love story about being happy with the person you’re with, regardless of who they are; or how many.

When Jessica begins worrying about turning 35, with no prospect of settling down soon, she gives in to her cousin’s suggestion to have a night of meaningless sex with a group of strangers. Little does Jessica know that the group chosen is actually her long time boyfriend Frank, his best friend and secret lover Eric, and her two best friends and supposedly completely gay couple Stuart and Andrew. She goes through the event blindfolded, and finds it surprisingly wonderful to be pleasured by not just one man, or two but four. When she realizes the four men are into getting each other off as much as they’re focused on her, she gets really worked up.

She leaves the group before learning of their identities. The next day, it’s the same routine. Frank, her boyfriend, decides it’s time to come clean about everything. So, he and the three guys plan a repeat surprise party. This time, Jessica rips the blindfold off in mid-foreplay. She panics when she learns everyone’s identities. But then, she decides to give it a shot. What happens with the five of them seems to work. Everyone enjoys themselves and no one gets jealous or angry. She finds out that her boyfriend is secretly bi-sexual and that he’d spent all that time away from home because he was trying to get men out of his system. Only it wouldn’t work. Stuart and Andrew aren’t just gay, they are bi-sexual and in love with Jessica; and Eric too.

The five of them decide to have a life together, despite the opinions of the small town they live in. Jessica still worries that people will find their actions sinful and disgraceful. Then she and her four lovers go to a party where there’s a large group of other town citizens who are doing the same things they are. It only takes Jessica a short time to get over her self-consciousness and truly enjoy herself. Finally, she’s happy with more men than she could ever expect.

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