Review of Alpha Heat


I just finished reading “Alpha Heat” by Crystal Kauffman. Originally, I chose this book based on the title. I assumed it would be a werewolf book. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised to find it was about aliens. It was an interesting change from my usual romance. Crystal did a great job of creating a new world, complete with new animals, food and plant species. The entire presentation of the world was fascinating. I fell in love with the hero, as he rebelled against the rules to grab a few forbidden hours of sex and love with the princess.

Universal Guard Jace Weston arrives on a foreign planet in search of a fugitive. He goes to Prince Armand Gafar’s castle, where the fugitive has taken refuge. While inside, Jace finds himself concerned for a distraught female, fighting two guards. This same female is taken hostage by the chamelionidas. Jace is forced to trek through an unfamiliar jungle in search of the couple. He arrives just in time to save the woman from being raped and impregnated by the creature.

He learns the woman is Princess Tamara from a rival kingdom. The chamelionidas is furious at his foiled plan and seeks to destroy Commander Jace Weston. Jace is knocked out during battle and it’s up to the princess to save them both. After she kills the fugitive, she creates a paste for Jace’s wound, sets up camp and fishes for their food. Jace is surprised to see that she can survive so well in the wilderness.

Tamara tells him that she was promised to Gafar in exchange for medicine to cure her kingdom of an illness carried by insects. However, Gafar broke his end of the bargain, therefore, she will be returning home. Jace signals his transportation and gets ready to set out for the pod to take him back to his universe. The princess decides to seduce Jace by using a passion-flower. Even as Jace tells himself it is wrong, he takes the princess’s virginity.

Tamara agrees to help Jace reach his pod. It takes two days for their trip to reach Tamara’s kingdom. When they get there, they find the King is sick. Jace leaves for his pod the next day, after spending one last night with Tamara in his bed. On the trek up, he kills a bug, and realizes it’s a nanobot. A conversation with his good friend and scientist, and he learns that someone had introduced the virus to the kingdom. Jace returns to the palace and finds Arman there. He informs Tamara that she is his property and that he’d never planned to cure her kingdom. He is the one who had the illness created.

Jace ends up having to kill the prince, which he is cleared for due to the video that shows the prince attacking him. The King informs Jace that his daughter is pregnant. Simple math shows that it would not be the prince’s. Jace confesses that it is his child and he would like to marry Tamara. Now that he has been promoted to Ambassador, he is allowed to have a wife and children. He goes to Tamara and convinces her to become his forever.

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