Review of “A Pirate’s Bounty”


In “A Pirate’s Bounty” by Eliza Knight, Lady Faryn is kidnapped by crude pirate Captain Noir. He is to deliver her to Queen Orelia, who is a wretched woman who likes to sexually torture people. Noir delivers the group of slaves, and finds himself aroused as Faryn is pleasured by a couple of females. He realizes that keeping Faryn might help his cause so he pleads with Orelia to allow him to keep Faryn in exchange for the money she owes him. She agrees as long as she can watch Noir take Faryn’s maidenhead.

Faryn isn’t a virgin, and is terrified of what will happen when the queen finds out. Noir helps her out and whisks her away from the island. As they set out on their thirty-day trip to return Faryn to her parents and fiance, the two end up having sex, multiple times. Faryn begins to develop feelings for Noir, and he in return for her. But they both harbor secrets. Noir’s is that he’s really a ,wanted for the murder of his family. He hopes that by rescuing Faryn, he will be able to convince her father to get him an audience with the king. He has proof that he isn’t the killer.

His proof is a ring with a crest on it. Faryn’s secret is that she recognizes the ring. It belongs to her father.

The ship is attacked and Noir ends up killing the man responsible; Faryn’s foul fiance. When Noir demands an explanation, Faryn tells him that her father paid the man to take her so she wouldn’t be a shame to the family name for not having her virginity. Faryn is certain that if she had married the man, he would have killed her shortly after getting his money. Faryn has to reveal her true identity. Noir sees it as a stronger bargaining chip.

As they arrive at the King’s castle, Noir spends one more night with Faryn.  The next morning, Noir goes before the king. Faryn talks him into letting her accompany him, without knowing that she intends to reveal her father’s identity. When Noir realizes that Faryn’s father is responsible for the deaths of his family, as well as convincing Faryn’s a begger to gain access to their house, he refuses to speak with her. She rushes off and runs into her father, who is present at the time of their arrival. He attempts to kill Faryn after she questions his role in the murders. Noir comes to her rescue and the King has him arrested.

Noir is given his title back, after he sails as a pirate one more time to rescue all of the people he kidnapped for Queen Orelia. The king approves the marriage and they sail together, before deciding to settle down.

I’ve always had a thing for pirates and this book just fueled my obsession. Eliza did a wonderful job of making the scenes realistic and the sex left me panting for more. There is some light female on female sex scenes towards the beginning but it was done in a tasteful manner that most people shouldn’t be offended by. I rather like the idea of a nobleman turning pirate in an attempt to clear his name. Then he pirates back the people he stole in the first place. It was a great plotline with a great balance of conflict and passion. The sex didn’t overpower the book or take away from the story. Historical romance readers should find this a great read.

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