Review of “A Werewolf In Greenwich Village”


I set up an interview with Vicki Lewis Thompson a few months ago after reading her book, “A Werewolf in Manhattan“. I was so excited when a few weeks ago, I got not one but two of her new books. I’m a huge paranormal romance fan and Vicki did a great job of turning me into a fan of hers after just one book. I wasn’t disappointed when I read “Werewolf in Greenwich Village“, which is the second in her series “Wild About You“, which is an e-book only, to be released in September.

“Werewolf in Greenwich Village” follows the blossoming relationship between Nadia and Quentin, who had been engaged to Aidan until he met Emma in “A Werewolf In Manhattan“. Theo, the troublemaker in that novel, is back in this sequel, and he’s causing more trouble than ever. Nadia has to cancel her plans to rent Quentin’s loft, and their relationship. She has to return to the family and fight Theo for the spot of Alpha. The fight is the easy part. Saying goodbye to Quentin after she becomes head of the family, isn’t.

I love books where the story flows naturally and the romance is realistic. Vicki did a great job of giving enough background that readers aren’t stunned that the two fall into bed together right away. Vicki also includes enough facts to make readers certain that the couple are werewolves, and fully embraced it. This story was such fun to read. It moved at a great pace and the romance was tender and moving. The sex was hot and had me burning up the pages to see what would happen next. I am happy to report that this story has a very happy ending.

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