Review of “A Pirate’s Possession”


I just did a review for “A Pirate’s Possession” by Michelle Beattie for Fallen Angels Reviews. I loved reading this book. Pirates are a passion of mine. I think I might have been one in a previous life. So when I had the chance to read about a woman who disguises herself as a man so she can sail the seas looking for a half of a map that will lead her to the treasure her father left her for, I couldn’t resist. I’m not disappointed either. As I’ve often said, the universe works in mysterious ways.

It was fitting that Claire and Nate reunite after years, just in time to find the treasure they both seek. Loose ends are tied up and answers are finally revealed. This book has a small portion that will bring tears to your eyes but the ending is a happy one. The sex scenes were great and the action was nonstop. Readers are sure to relate to Claire’s stubbornness. She would have to be self-reliant and hard to survive living among men for all that time. And the reason she wants the treasure so bad is a good one.

I’m a die-hard romance and I was cheering for Claire and Nate throughout the book. I constantly yelled at them for being so stubborn and not just saying what they were thinking from the get go. Sometimes, it’s better to reveal what happened in the past, even though it’s ancient history. That’s the only way to get on with the future. They battle the weather, nature, and other pirates who are after the same thing they are.

I give this story two flames, but four hearts for great romance.

I conducted this review on behalf of Fallen Angel Reviews. Check out their website.