Review of “Back in the Saddle”


Back in the Saddle” by Ashlynn Monroe is a short, erotic read. 1NightStand introduced yet another success story.

I love werewolves, and this story combined sex and werewolves in the best way possible. Jesa signs up with 1NightStand so her father believes she’s dating. She’s tired of him trying to arrange a marriage so she doesn’t suffer the same fate he and his wife did. She’s one of the cursed.

David is an alpha wolf who suffered the curse without being ready. He ended up attacking his sister and now feels that he’s too dangerous to risk being with a female. He allows his sister to fix him up with what she claims is a friend from school. Little does his sister know that he’s smart enough to check her out on the web. He catches Jesa in a lie and forces her to admit the truth. Hot sex follows and both of them learn that sometimes, the world works in mysterious ways. No longer afraid of wolves, Jesa gives herself to David in a wild, primal sex act that will leave readers drooling.

This is a great story for people who like it short, sweet and steamy. And despite being limited to one day, it’s a nice romance.

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I give this book 3 flames.