Review of “Werewolf in the North Woods”


I’m a huge fan of Vicki Lewis Thompson

“Werewolf in the North Woods” by Vicki Lewis Thompson

and was thrilled when she informed me I’d be able to receive an ARC of her newest book, “Werewolf in the North Woods“. This story follows Roarke, Adian’s brother, as he tries to defuse a situation where a man says he has spotted two Sasquatch. Roarke knows it’s true but he uses his degree to undermine the man’s claim, thus making the older man more determined than ever not to sale his property.

Roarke takes a camping trip, hoping to find the mated couple and relocate them. He’s forced to take Abby with him when she shows that she has pictures of him…shifting into a wolf. Despite his determination not to follow in his brother’s footsteps to mate with a human, being with Abby proves more difficult than he’d planned. Soon, he reaches the point of no return. When she gets endangered by the local Werewolf clan, Roarke calls in reinforcements and they attempt to save her.

This story is as sexy and sassy as every book I’ve read of Vicki’s. I enjoyed yet another story from the “Wild About You” series. I loved reading Roarke’s story and can’t wait to feast my eyes on more! If you like a fun story with sexy werewolves, and brave females, this is the perfect choice for you. Don’t forget to get the other two books while you’re at it.

Read an excerpt here.

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