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Ideas for blog posts:

1.) How to promote. Tips, advice, different ideas than other writers to get your name and book out there. You can also include links to great sites you’ve found.

2.) Contests. How do you design and promote contests. Themes, rules, etc.

3.) Revisions. How do you do these? Time length. Number of revisions before you feel book is ready? Great articles, tips, advice for other writers.

4.) Character ideas. How do you come up with your characters? Names, traits, appearance, career, background, etc. Use your own characters from your newest book or upcoming book as examples if you prefer.

5.) How do you come up with story ideas? What all do you do get it fleshed out? Do you have a specific worksheet or method? Links, advice, tips, etc.

6.) How to deal with or overcome writer’s block. Helpful articles, tips, advice, exercises, etc.

7.) Social networking. How do expand your portfolio to gain maximum exposure. Articles, advice, tips, etc.

8.) Blogs. Use your experience with guest blogging, hosting guest blogs, blog posts, contests, or whatever else you use to help promote your books on your blog.

9.) Preparing for release day.

If you have other ideas that would fit in with this theme, feel free to pitch them to me. I want to help promote your books, but I don’t want the blog posts to be just about the book. Feel free to include your newest release or to be released book as examples to explain your theme. And if you’d like to include excerpts, links to your blog, book reviews, Facebook, email, or website,
feel free to go ahead. Any questions, just email me.

If you know any authors who would like to participate, invite them and have them send me an email at


  1. cerisedeland2013 – USA – I love to cook, hate to dust, love to travel, read and write! I write bestselling Regency and Victorian period historical romances along with a few contemporaries, too. Published since 1990, I've made my living as an author and loved every minute of the journey.
    Cerise Deland says:

    Thanks for this list.
    I think I will do Characters in Conflict: What makes romance worth writing (and reading)!
    How does this sound?

  2. I look forward to joining you on October 5th!!! I’ll either write about how I came up with the concept of Pandora’s Box or how to kick-start my muse back into action.

    Thanks for asking me to be a part of this! I’m excited to join the hop!


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