Thursday Thirteen


Okay so I posted this pretty late in the day and it’s not what I planned it would be but at least I remembered to participate. This is my first and I hope the rest of the Thursdays after this are a lot better. I’m posting 13 great blogs I’ve found recently. These are not in order of greatest to suckiest. I’m just posting as I remember or link to them. Hope you enjoy. Don’t forget to comment!

1.) Paige Tyler

2.) Diary of a Party Girl Turned Wife and Mama

3.) I’m a Reader, Not a Writer

4.) Tristi Pinkston

5.) Fangs, Wands, and Fairydust

6.) Book Chick City

7.) Girlfriends Book Club

8.) The Unread Reader

9.) Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog

10.) Books and Things

11.) Smash Attack

12.) Pop Culture Divas

13.) A Book Lover’s Dream

Hope everyone enjoys these sites and blogs.