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Today is Day 1 of my very first blog tour. Nina Pierce has bravely decided to take the first slot and I hope this does her proud. Everyone be sure to comment for your chance to win a prize. And be sure to check out this blog every day for the next two weeks for more authors. I’ll be returning the favor by visiting with Nina tomorrow so y’all be sure to check that out as well.
Nina Pierce

It’s Like … Magic

Guest Post by Nina Pierce

I’m a very visual person, which is really rather funny since my vision is not correctable to 20/20. Yet, very much like a man, it’s seeing something that stimulates emotion for me. So much more than a sound or a smell, the sight of a beautiful sunset, a vibrant painting, a handsome face, a lickable torso, a nekk…(oh, sorry, I got carried away for a moment), or a romantic photo, all of them create a visceral response.

So it’s no wonder when I write that I “see” the story unfolding in my mind like a movie. I can visualize the setting and the characters moving and reacting within that setting. What’s so fun for me is playing around with the details as I write. It never ceases to amaze me how one word changes everything or creates a detail within the readers’

Let’s take a look at a scene from my sexy romantic suspense “Deceive Her With Desire” …

Stepping onto the beach, Ayden rolled his head and stretched the muscles of his neck. The sentence is perfectly adequate. It tells you exactly what the hero is doing. But adding a few details adds dimension.

Stepping off the path onto the small beach bathed in moonlight, Ayden rolled his head and stretched the taut muscles of his neck. Ah, now we’re getting somewhere. He’d walked a path at night and since he’s stretching taut muscles we can assume he’s under stress.

We know he’s on a beach, how about a little more information to orient the reader and immerse them in the scene? He heard nothing but the surf rolling as the salty breeze blew softly. 

Okay, so we’ve added a few details about the setting. But what of our hero? What’s he thinking? How’s he feeling? Add more details about Ayden to help the reader understand what the hero is experiencing. He forced his
heart rate to slow in time with the rhythmic wash of the ocean. The sound of the surf rolling ashore drowned out the last strains of the party’s pounding rock music. This he could enjoy.
Ah, he’s come from a party he wasn’t enjoying and he’s walking along the beach to ease his tension. Now we’re really discovering something about our hero.

One last sentence giving more description of his surroundings and Ayden’s motivation for taking a walk will complete the paragraph. He breathed deep, letting the pungent taste of the salt air replace the bitter flavor of remorse. Refocused, he headed down the beach. Remorse? He was regretting something and took a walk to let it
go? And there’s the magic, dropping in little details that have the reader asking questions and hopefully turning pages to discover what’s making a character act the way they do. 

So, what pulls you into a story that you’re reading? What sense triggers the greatest emotional response for you? Anyone leaving a comment will be entered to win a complete set of Nina’s romance trading cards.

Deceive Her With Desire

A woman determined to protect her heart…

Landscaping in Delmont, Maine hasn’t been DEIRDRE TILLING’s only passion. Up until two months ago, it had included a live-in lover. Jilted for the third time in as many years, Deirdre’s decided to give up on love. With her feet firmly planted on the path of one night stands, she finds herself heating up the sheets with a dark haired stranger she met at her new employer’s party. But one night with the man who is both sexy as hell and compassionate, may not be enough.

An agent hell bent on proving himself…

DEA agent, AYDEN SCOTT, has a lot to prove after a disastrous drug bust in Miami three years earlier that left a member of his team dead. Working undercover as lead investigator, he’s determined to bring down an elusive drug cartel smuggling heroin into central Maine. He’ll use any means necessary to complete his objective, including sleeping with the suspected drug Lord’s landscaper, Deirdre. He just hadn’t expected the feisty redhead to be so much more than long legs and dangerous curves.

One night neither of them can forget…

Deirdre and Ayden both thought one sexually explosive romp in the sack would be the end of their relationship. But Deirdre’s arrest for heroin possession and her father’s near-fatal heart attack prompts Ayden to confess his true identity. When Deirdre is kidnapped by the drug cartel and used as a pawn, Ayden is forced to choose between his
heart and his mission. The question is…who will survive his decision?


Ayden barely remembered his father. A Boston cop, he’d been killed in the line of duty when he was only four. His mother had worked herself to death holding down three jobs while trying to bring up two rambunctious boys in the heart of the city. His little brother, Thomas, had suffered the same fate as their
father. Ayden knew heartache when he saw it.

“I’m sorry, Deirdre.” His hand found its way to her cheek of its own accord. She was warm and soft and smelled like spring flowers, and his lips melted into hers before he thought about the consequences of his actions.

He set his tumbler on the coffee table and took the wineglass out of her hands, placing it next to his. His mouth tangled with Deirdre’s as her lips grew pliant against his. Their breathing came out in ragged hitches, and he laid her back on the couch. A heady mixture of wine and flowers filled his senses. His
tongue danced with hers as he teased it in and out of her mouth. He dipped in to taste, then retreated to feel the silky heat of hers sampling him.

He wound his fingers in her hair, enjoying the silky strands tumbling down his arms. He wanted her. Not just any woman, not Jameson’s bimbo, but this woman. Jameson. Damn. Ayden pulled back abruptly.

“Deirdre, I’m sorry.” He sat up and swiped the taste of her away with the back of his hand. “I don’t know
what came over me.” Actually, he knew exactly what had taken over. The pressure building behind his fly was evidence of exactly where he’d expected to go.

His intentions hadn’t been honorable when he’d driven her here. Before she’d gotten out of her little Toyota, she’d been an informant, albeit an unknowing one, but an informant nonetheless. The woman panting next to him, with lips swollen from his kisses, had suddenly become a person. She had a family and sorrow, and who cared if she could give him a complete dossier on Jameson. He couldn’t use her that way. She seemed so emotionally raw at the moment. It would be insensitive of him to take advantage
of her.

Sometimes he hated how the moral high ground left you nothing but empty and alone.


“Deirdre, I want you to know—”

Her soft lips found his and he nearly fell backward from the force of the impact of her body against his.

“I don’t care what your motivation is.” Deirdre pulled his bottom lip between her teeth. “You know, right now, I don’t care about much.” She nibbled her way to his ear, her breath heating his blood. “I won’t ask you to call me tomorrow or the next day. I don’t want anything but now, and what we can do for each other.”


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Nina Pierce is an award-winning author of erotic romance. Her stories fall in all genres from contemporary to paranormal. When she’s not sitting at her computer creating stories of lust and love, she’s spending time with her real life hero and husband of twenty-seven years, her three adult children and several cats who consider her “staff”.  You can keep up with all her latest books on her website ( or her blog (  or follow her on twitter ( and Facebook (


I’d like to thank Nina for coming by and sharing such an awesome post. I loved reading this and I hope y’all did too. Don’t forget to check out her great books! I’m heading that way now.



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    Thanks so much for having me Sara. I’m so pleased to be your first. 😉

  2. Great excerpt! Good luck with this and with your blog tour! I too am a very visual person – visual and tactile. I’m lucky, my vision is 20/15.

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      Oh, Julia, I’d love to have your vision for one day. LOL! I’m 20/25 corrected. Thanks so much for stopping over.

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      Glad you enjoyed it Foretta.

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