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I have a confession to make. I never used to read westerns. I never cared much for western movies either – well, except for Clint Eastwood movies, and Viggo Mortensen’s – so I figured I wouldn’t like western romances, either. I was wrong. I read Shelley Thacker’s Into the Sunset – one of my all-time favorite books, by the way – and I was hooked!

That was around the time when I sold my very first book. After finishing that one, I immediately started on another, and that one was – you guessed it – a western romance. And not just any western romance, but a western spanking romance to boot.

It’s called KAYLA AND THE RANCHER and it’s about a big-city Eastern girl from the mid 1800′s who decides to defy her father (who intends to marry her off to a jerk) and go to San Francisco to pursue her dream of becoming a dress designer. On the stagecoach, Kayla meets a shy girl heading to the Wyoming Territory to be a rancher’s mail-order bride. Before they reach Copper Creek, the girl changes her mind and begs Kayla to tell her groom to be. Kayla has every intention of doing so, but when she sees how gorgeous the rancher is, she finds herself pretending to be his mail-order bride instead. As you can imagine, that gets her into all sorts of trouble!

That book was (and still is!) so popular that you’d think I would have devoted myself solely to writing westerns, but I didn’t. Not until a few years later when I came up with THE CUTLER BROTHERS SERIES. It’s about two hot and hunky Texas brothers named Cade and Madoc who are U.S. Marshals. One falls for a girl in the Witness Protection Program, while the other falls for a beautiful fugitive wanted for murder. Like my first western, it was immediately a bestseller for me (and still is!).

So, did I run right out and write another western on the heels of that three-book series? Nope. I haven’t written another western until now – my bestselling KARLEIGH’S COWBOYS and the sequel, AND THE RANCH HAND MAKES THREE. I enjoyed writing them so much that I’m working on another. It’s set in the old west and it’s about a gunslinger and a feisty girl in need of a good spanking. Oh, and I’m also working on an outline for another book in THE CUTLER BROTHERS SERIES, which I’m really excited about! The book’s fans have been demanding a new book in the series, so you have to give them want they want!  LOL!

Now, how ’bout a sexy look at KARLEIGH’S COWBOYS and AND THE RANCH HAND MAKES THREE?!


Two ranch hands are better than one!

Karleigh Blake hasn’t take a vacation in years, so when her friend talks her into coming out to her Colorado ranch for some fun and relaxation, she jumps at the chance. Once there, she meets up with two hot and hunky ranch hands named Holden Donnelly and Mav Ryan who definitely know how to show a girl a good time.

It starts as two separate rolls in the hay, and she’s concerned she isn’t going to be able to hide that she’s sleeping with both of them. She’s surprised when the two cowboys compare notes and decide they don’t mind sharing her – as long as they can do it at the same time!

Read an Excerpt!

Karliegh’s Cowboys by Paige Tyler

The Sequel to the Bestselling Karleigh’t Cowboys!

In this sequel to Karleigh’s Cowboys, Heather Collins and her husband Clint hire hunky new ranch hand Blaine Saunders. While he clearly has the qualifications to work on a ranch, Heather and Clint are more interested in how good he is in bed.
Clint gets turned on by watching his wife have sex with other men, and since Heather is more than happy to oblige, she doesn’t waste any time seducing Blaine. She and the new ranch hand go from knocking boots in the barn to putting on a show for her husband before finally engaging in a kinky threesome that involves bondage, spanking and some scorching hot sex for all three of them.


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    Paige Tyler says:

    Thanks so much for asking me to guest blog!


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    Christine says:

    Hi Paige, Your western’s are great! I’m glad you’ve writen another and there are more to come. Awesome!! Congrats on the release!!!!

    Hugs, Christine

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      Hey Christine!

      Thank you so much! So glad you like them!


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