12 Days of Christmas


Welcome to my addition of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop. You may have noticed that I’m participating in a lot of blog hops this month. That’s because to me, Christmas is about giving. That’s why every hop I enter this month will have a free copy of my paranormal romance, Heart Over Mind available to one lucky winner. For those of you who don’t win, keep your head up. There’s a bunch more chances to win. I’m hosting giveaways on my website, and on my Facebook fan page. And for those of you who don’t win the book, you can still opt in to win two bookmarks, one from myself and one from the fabulous Gracen Miller.

If you’d like to enter for the bookmarks, please state in your comment. I know some people don’t collect those.

If I could have one thing for Christmas, besides for my children having the time of their lives and getting everything they want, it would be a white Christmas. Some people are probably a bit curious about this. See, I live in West Tennessee, where the most snow we see is usually less than two feet. That often occurs in the middle of February. We’re lucky to see four snow storms a year. I don’t want anything heavy, but it would be nice to wake up Christmas morning to a bit of white stuff on the ground. If only we could have that without intense cold, I’d be a happy camper! I hate cold weather. Thank goodness the coldest it ever gets here is 7 degrees. I don’t think I could handle sub zero temps. And I want to visit Alaska! Ha. I’m a walking contradiction.

So readers, what do you what most for Christmas? (Oh, did I mention I also want a Kindle Fire? For purely selfish reasons of course. Hey, Momma’s allowed to ask Santa for stuff too! LOL)

To enter for this giveaway, all you have to do is follow these simple instructions:

1.) Comment on the question with an answer and add your email into the message. Also remember to hit “like” for this post.

2.) Follow my blog.

3.) Visit my Fan page, hit like, and post on the wall that you’ve come from this blog!

4.) Stop by my website and sign the guestbook. For anyone who doesn’t win, there’s a special offer on my website. If you browse through and then tell me your thoughts on how the site works, or doesn’t work, you can purchase my book, Heart Over Mind for just $0.99; as well as be enrolled to receive discounts on all future book releases by me. (Optional)

5.) Sign up for my newsletter. (Optional)

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7.) Have a FANTASTIC holiday! Writer’s orders.

Don’t forget to check out all the other participating blogs by visiting this link. There’s a ton more prizes up for grabs!

Heart Over Mind Blurb:

A Life Changed Forever
Nala Arpaia, psychiatrist, lives a boring, routine life…until her knight in tight blue jeans comes to whisk her off to a family castle full of fabled creatures. It’s like something out of a book, all the way down to the life or death situation she finds herself in. As the last member of the most powerful blood line to ever exist, Nala is now the final mark of Broncestan Milivak, who’s goal is world domination.

Nala has to master her powers if she wants to save the free world. All she really wants…is her protector Gabriel.

Stubborn to the Core
Gabriel Ricardo’s job as head Graida, a magical bodyguard, is his life. He eats, breaths and sleeps work. When his boss, head Elder Elam Korbin gives Gabriel the task of retrieving his niece, Nala, Gabriel’s all business. Until, he meets the psychiatrist. Things go down hill from there. This case isn’t like any other. Illusions, magic, and attempted kidnap he can handle. The presence of the strong, and irresistible attraction he feels for the doctor he can’t. As things get dangerous, Gabriel has to force his mind to focus on the case, and not the lust burning him alive.

Unable to Resist…
As Broncestan’s attacks get stronger, and more dangerous, Nala finds it more important than ever to experience the kind of relationship she’d always wanted, but never had. Seeing Nala suffer at the hands of a power-hungry Damned soul, Gabriel realizes keeping his distance isn’t working. Soon, they give in to the passion and proclaim their love. Just when things are supposed to work out, things hit rock bottom again.

Their Future Looms in the Balance…
Will they ever be able to defeat Broncestan and enjoy a relationship together or are they doomed to live their lives alone and miserable?


“I love you Nala.”

She looked up at him and knew he meant it.

“And I love you. Will you make me yours now?”

Reaching down, he spread her legs and slipped one finger inside. “God, you’re so wet.”

Nala begin to squirm as he sped up his ministrations. Pressure built as he pleasured her. She tried to stop him but he pushed her hands away.

“Let go.”

She surrendered to the feelings. A scream exploded from her throat as she climaxed. When she came down, she noticed Gabriel looking down at her.

“That was great.”

Gabriel gave her a feral grin. “That’s nothing compared to what’s next.”

He slid into her, letting her adjust before going deeper. He groaned in ecstasy as he moved in and out, gaining speed but holding back so he would not hurt her. Nala gasped and sobbed at the feelings he evoked. She went higher with every thrust and was just about to fall over the edge when Gabriel stopped. Nala followed her instincts and moved her hips, rocking against him.

“Nala, you have to stop.”

She heard the strained words and felt the strength of his hands at her waist, but kept going.

“In a minute.”

She could feel it building. Her breath came in pants as the first ripples started.

“Open your eyes.”

She obeyed his command. Her eyelids felt heavy as she forced them to open against the pleasure. When Gabriel started to glow a pale white, Nala gasped. She looked at her own hands in surprise. She was glowing too.

“Gabriel, what’s happening?”

He smiled. “It’s the mating ritual I told you about. Look over there.”

Nala followed the sound of increasing mumbles. A group of see-through figures hovered over the floor, staring right at them as they spoke in a strange language. They started to move closer. Nala squirmed to get out from underneath Gabriel.

“Let me up. I don’t want anyone seeing us.”

Gabriel held her under him with a tender kiss. “Don’t worry. They don’t see. They just sense when a mating ritual is occurring and appear to bless the union. Once they’re done, they disappear.”

Author Bio:

Sara Trimble is new to the world of publishing, though not to writing. She has one published novel, two in the final revisions and a stack of stories ready to work on. She’s also venturing out of her comfort zone of Romance to work on a new suspense novel, she hopes to have done by December 1st. When she isn’t writing, Sara spends her time with her three children, wonderful fiance Justyn, spending time with friends, and just enjoying life. You can find her at her website http://www.sararimble.com, follow her blog at http://saratrimble.wordpress.com, Tweet her at http://www.facebook.com/saradtrimble, or Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/authorsaratrimble. She loves to hear from her readers so send her an email at saratrimble@saratrimble.com. Don’t forget to check out the new movie trailer for her debut paranormal romance, Heart Over Mind.

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  1. bakinstuff
    bakinstuff says:

    Hi :0) And I agree Mom’s should still get to ask Santa…I’m leaning towards wanting a Kindle Fire, too. It keeps calling me :0)
    Thank you for the blog hop!! Merry Christmas!

    1. bakinstuff
      bakinstuff says:

      bakinstuff@yahoo.com……(forgot. sorry)

  2. I would like for my kids to enjoy their Christmas. It’s a hard one this year due to the big D word. As for me, Just for me…time to read!

    mamaelk1113 at gmail dot com

  3. Andrea I says:

    Amazon gift cards so I can buy LOTS of books.
    Follow on twitter – @lillieblue613


  4. Gena Robertson – United States – I'm a reader, not a blogger :D
    Gena Robertson says:

    I’ve asked for a BIG present from Santa – an Ereader….but it’s definitely a long shot!

    Thanks so much for the giveaway! Love your blog =D

  5. i not sure what i wnat i got some bers


  7. minibea12
    minibea12 says:

    I have been hinting that I want a Kindle Fire for Christmas.
    follow you by e-mail
    I visited your fb fan page, liked it and commented on your wall.

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