Man’s Best Friend


A horrifying fight between a cobra and two Dachshunds, also called wiener dogs in some areas for their long lanky bodies and short legs, was recently caught on CCTV. Snakes aren’t an uncommon sight in areas like the Philippines, but that doesn’t make it less terrifying when you see one trying to enter the room where your infant child is sleeping.

Miley (black) and Moxie (white)(Image: ViralPress)

A parent’s nightmare:

Jaime and Pauie Selim returned home from work one day and received quite a shock when they learned that their four-year-old dachshund, Miley, had passed away from poisonous venom. In addition, Moxie, their two-year-old dachshund was now blinded. The two dogs had served their owners well, protecting their home from a deadly invader.

Caught on camera:

After hearing the story from the babysitter, Jaime and Pauie checked their security system and watched in horror as their two tiny dachshunds, a small breed of dog, go head to head with a poisonous cobra, who had found its way into the garden. Just feet from the chaotic fighting, one-year-old infant Skye was napping in her room.

Parents Jaime & Pauie Selim with daughter Skye   (Image: ViralPress)

The graphic video catches the moment that two-year-old Miley noticed the snake and began to bark and attempt to scare the creature away. A streak of black flashes across the screen as four-year-old Moxie rushes in and captures the cobra in her small jaws. The cobra strikes repeatedly but Moxie and Miley continue attacking, corralling the fierce reptile in a safer area.

Final act of heroism:

The fight lasted over a minute as Miley and Moxie worked to get the snake out of the garden and away from their tiny, sleeping master. In the end, the snake was defeated and shortly after, poor Moxie passed away from the snake’s bites. Miley survived the attack, however, she was permanently blinded by the venom.

Heroic Miley and her enemy the cobra

These two brave ladies showed that dogs aren’t just man (and sleeping infants) best friend, but also their protector, their guardian, their savior, and their hero. Miley may be in doggie heaven, but she’ll continue to be remembered as one little girl’s guardian angel.