Are You Ready to Work From Home?


Happy Quarantine everyone! Hope everyone is doing well during this crazy pandemic we’re going through. Are you ready to work?

We’ve celebrated two birthdays already during the month of April and we’ve got one more to go. We’re trying to make the best of things, which isn’t easy with 15 and 14 year old kids.


Ready to Work

In all my years, I’ve never seen anything like this. I know most people haven’t. It has caught all of us off guard and disrupted our lives completely.

Many people are sitting at home without a source of income. A lot of you have started looking at work from home jobs.

There’s a ton of things out there to do! As you can tell, my favorite source of income is to write. There are so many freelancing opportunities out there.

Sign Up at Content Agencies

Most online jobs can be done through content agencies like iWriter and Copify, who do not require you to be a professional writer or have any experience.

But don’t expect to get rich with these. It takes time to build up a clientele. As a freelance writer, the best advice I can give is get your name in as many places as possible.

Don’t limit yourself to just one site, one source. I have my name in all kinds of pots, even if I don’t use them every day.

I personally love working with WordAgents, but you have to go through a vetting process. It’s worth it.

Social Media Job Searchs

Twitter is also a great place to find jobs. Search for #readytowork #writingjobs and check out the different options.

As is Indeed and LinkedIn. I’ve found quite a few jobs from these sources. Many people have no idea to check the job boards!

Search Facebook for freelance writing jobs and join freelance groups. You’ll often see advertisements for wanted bloggers to work from home.

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