Freelancing as a Profession


Where I’m at in 2020.

At this present point in my writing journey, I am focusing on freelancing. I offer my services for clients who need high-quality content in a variety of niches. Navigate over to my About Me page to see what kind of work I do.

Spend time browsing through my portfolio, which has links to old blog hops, book reviews, interviews with authors, and some samples of my writing. You can also find out where else I’m found on the web. Use the portfolio page to find my current writings. Or follow the links in the portfolio menu to see my older stuff.

This isn’t my only haunt so if you’re a fan, there’s plenty of places to find me!

Freelancing as a Living

Since I have turned to freelancing, most of my blog posts are geared towards educating people about how to start and maintain a freelance writing business that can turn into a full time career just like mine.

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