I’ve been Spotlighted!

Advertisements A wonderful blogger has set up a post just for me. I feel so special. She offered her readers a blurb of my book, a steamy excerpt, and my author bio. Hope it converts to at least one or two new readers. I sure could use a different stroke of luck in my writing….

Jingle Balls

Advertisements Welcome to my portion of the Jingle Balls Giveaway Blog Hop. Yes, I know. OMG, another one! What can I say. I love to participate. As I sit here and get ready to post this blog, I find my mind blank. I’m so busy glancing at the very sexy Mel Gibson, Lethal Weapon 3,…

12 Days of Christmas

Advertisements Welcome to my addition of the 12 Days of Christmas Blog Hop. You may have noticed that I’m participating in a lot of blog hops this month. That’s because to me, Christmas is about giving. That’s why every hop I enter this month will have a free copy of my paranormal romance, Heart Over…

I’ve been Interviewed

Advertisements Come visit with me today at Books-N-Kisses where I answer some questions about myself and my work!

Visit with Me

Advertisements I’ve recently completed an author interview and guest blog spot with Sharon from Obsession With Books. I’d love to have commenters so come on by. There’s a free copy of my paranormal romance up for grabs. Guest Post Author Spotlight Interview

Guest Blogging

Advertisements I’m guest blogging today at  Nice N Naughty Authors. Please come by and visit with me. One lucky commenter can win a free copy of my new paranormal romance Heart Over Mind.

Save a Turkey; Gobble a Book Blog Hop Tour (Nov 14-21)

Advertisements 1) HAVE FUN!!! 2) INVITE ALL OF YOUR FRIENDS!!! SPREAD THE WORD!!! 3) THIS TOUR STARTS: Monday, November 14, at Midnight (Arizona Time) THIS TOUR ENDS: Monday, November 21, at Midnight (Arizona Time) Winners will be drawn and posted November 22nd! *** 4) MEET AND MINGLE WITH ALL THE AUTHORS & BOOK PAGES! EXPERIENCE…

Dirty Dozen Weekend

Advertisements For this weekend’s Dirty Dozen, I decided to post a piece from my completed, yet unpublished novel, A Woman’s Revenge. In this novel, a demon is getting revenge on cheating males by making them pregnant! Paranormal and Demonic Research arrive at the newest crime scene to try and stop her. Instead, she ends up impregnating…

My Blog Tour Schedule

Advertisements Here’s a schedule of my upcoming, and past guest blogging spots, as well as some folks who are visiting me. It’s a busy month with all this and NaNo going on. Sign up for my newsletter to find out all about the happenings in my crazy world. November 3rd: Thursday Thirteen November 4th Guest…

Six Sentence Sunday

Advertisements This Six Sentence Sunday is not intended for children. If you are under the age of 18, leave now. Cool air touched her skin and she looked down to see her dress inching down her body without anyone touching it. She looked at Gabriel, startled. He wore a smug grin. “You’re not the only…