Writing Portfolio – Where to Find Sara Trimble’s Work

A Writer’s Life

My writing portfolio is where you’re going to find all the different work I’ve done over the years. I’ll be linking to some places you can find me around the web besides this blog. But I’ve also got a category if you want to go back in time and see where I started out in my writing career.

Trust me when I say, that area isn’t pretty but it’s got some great interviews and Q and A’s with successful writers who didn’t mind sharing their secrets for my fans.

Thought Nova Portfolio

First up on my portfolio list, I want to mention a website I frequently contribute to – Thought Nova. On this site, I get to share my personal experiences of surviving an abusive, manipulative marriage, my journey to re-branding my life, and how I”m coping in the aftermath of living with a narcissist.

I am a regular contributor to Thought Nova and have quite a spread of different articles published. If you like reading about relationships, self-awareness, or how to survive Hell with a good heart, I recommend you take a few minutes to shoot over there and look me up.

Music Blog

Words of Wisdom – @musicjunkie85

So, in addition to being a full-time freelance content and copywriter, I also love to blog about music. If you aren’t already, come over to my music blog, Musicjunkie85, where you can chat with me about everything music-related.

I do product reviews of music equipment, I talk about great music, and I share some of my

favorite videos from YouTube. This type of site works best with interaction with my readers so don’t be shy.

Drop me a line. Tell me about a song I should check out. Post your favorite music. Learn a few helpful music tips to keep your kids from driving you insane while they enjoy a super-long spring break. I recommend a fun activity you can do with your kids or friends, right from YouTube and your couch!

Sara Trimble logo

CV Portfolio

If you want to land paying writing gigs, you need to have a well organized portfolio to share with potential clients. Sometimes, like with myself, when I write for other clients instead of personally, it can be difficult to have all your work in one place to share.

I’m super excited I found a great website to house and share my portfolio in a simple, professional display. Hop over to Clear Voice and check out my extensive CV. This list in no way entails all the different writing I’ve done.

But it gives clients a slight view of where my talents lie. If you’re looking for a freelance writing gig that can land you some great jobs, Clear Voice doesn’t just let you post your portfolio. They share it with their clients to match you up with jobs in your niche area. It’s great exposure and best of all, there’s a free starter package.

Contena Work

Contena is a new freelance writing website I just found but I’m already in love. Before my application was even finished processing, they had already bumped the only article I’ve submitted to front page publication.

That’s just two days after I submitted my application for a position with the company. If you’re looking for some great writing opportunities, submit an application to be accepted on the writing team at Contena.

Contact Sara Trimble

Now that you’ve seen some of my work, I’m always available for clients. Head over to my Contact page to send me a message or hit me up on social media. I’m present everywhere.

Check out my pricing page to see how much I charge for what you need. I always offer discounts for larger orders. All transactions are handled through PayPal, Payoneer, or TransferWise.